Hi there, nice to see you here and I'm glad to share with you my story.

My name is Maria, and I was born in Ukraine nearly 30 years ago. However, in 2006, I moved to Milan with my mother and lived there until 2021. Currently, I reside near Chur with my family.

I have undergone a significant transformation in my life, transitioning from a bustling and highly energetic metropolis to the serene beauty of Switzerland. I am truly delighted with my decision, particularly because it allows me to raise my son amidst the wonders of nature.



I'm filled with anticipation, eager to share my experiences and unveil the incredible beauty that surrounds us.


I still remember the very first time I held a camera; it was like stepping into a world of magic. It was a Canon that I held in my hands, and that moment marked the beginning of an enduring love affair with photography. Over the years, this passion has blossomed into my second career in Milan. Now, here in Switzerland, I am excited and honored to share my profound passion for photography with all of you.

You don't need to be a model; I genuinely enjoy working with everyday people because each one of us possesses a unique and special beauty. My aim is always to create an atmosphere where my clients feel completely relaxed and comfortable, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

I have a profound love for both creative and straightforward photo shoots, ones that resonate with a deep sense of meaning. This is why I chose the stage name Kohana, which means "loved" in Ukrainian. This word holds a magnetic quality for me, especially in that language. The "Soul" part of my name represents my passion for capturing the essence of your souls, drawing forth something from the depths within.

I often find that even in reserved individuals, there lies a great charisma and hidden self-confidence. I take immense pleasure in surprising and leaving my clients in awe, 

as frequently as I can.

I firmly believe that a photoshoot is not only beneficial for the body but 

also for the mind; it's akin to a breath of fresh air. Sometimes, 

it can even lead you to discover a new version of yourself.

I take great pleasure in surprising and delighting you, even though I meticulously study all the details beforehand. My ultimate goal is to comprehend your vision and desires for the final photographs.

Before each photoshoot, I make it a point to engage in a personal conversation with the individual, either face-to-face over coffee or through a phone call. This allows us to collaborate on creating a moodboard, crafting a unique narrative, selecting outfits, deciding on makeup if required, choosing the perfect location, determining the color palette, fine-tuning lighting, and focusing on all the subtle elements that can truly elevate the experience and make it entirely tailored to you.

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